Jeff Hopson



Clark Gable’s not around to give a damn about your heartaches…. is that a lost Waylon line? Something Johnny once said to June?

No. It’s an observation lifted from “Novel Sort Of Man,” the first single from Jeff Hopson’s debut album “Heretic.” As you read this, you may not know who Jeff is. With the song now in your hands, you’ll get an introduction. Decades on the road in both name bands and bar bands aside, Hopson’s first turn as the man at the mic showcases a sense of what once made country music great. It also spotlights a writer who can touch a soul as deeply as anyone ever has.

Big claim? Yeah. So listen. Try to call the bluff.

You’ll find that Hopson’s holding a made hand, and that somewhere both Hank and Kristofferson are smiling.

You’ll also find that the music can indeed evolve, and that wisdom, insight and maturity don’t have to be lost by default in the process.

Music with meat on the bones. It’s what makes Jeff Hopson a novel sort of man.
~ Dave Pilot