David Harris


David Harris is a Texas born and raised singer-songwriter. Originally from the small town of Breckenridge, TX, he got his start in music while living for a brief period in Houston, TX. He currently resides in Luckenbach, TX where he has hosted the daytime Pickers Circles four days a week for the past two years. During this time he has recorded his first solo E.P. and is currently working on new material for his next CD that will be recorded in 2016.

His sound is made up of many different styles of music, such as country, bluegrass, blues, folk and rockabilly, just to name a few. He takes lessons from the past and puts them into his own brand of music. His writing is inspired by his own life experiences and he doesn’t hold back when it comes to getting his point across.

He is currently playing shows all over Texas as well as throughout many other states in the country. He is also a performer with the grassroots music movement called the “Last Honky Tonk Music Series”.

Music these days in my opinion is too cute, safe, and pretty. The soul is gone and is replaced by fake sentiment. It is my mission to take roots based music and unapologetically keep it in the faces of those who hate it or the ones who love it as much I do. – David Harris